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"Environmental protection, enterprises should take the initiative to assume responsibility, and actively seek solutions." Speaking of environmental issues, Fang Guohong representatives, enterprises are the mainstay of the market economy, but also the environmental protection of the body, should bear the primary responsibility for the emergence of environmental issues, if every company can manage itself, every business owners are actively engaged environmental protection, environmental pollution problems will really be relieved.

Fang Guohong general manager of Zhejiang Electric Co., Ltd. as a continuous two deputies, Cixi environmental issue has been the focus of his attention. He said in recent years, the municipal government attaches great importance to environmental issues, especially among nearly two years, to carry out an unprecedented plastic waste remediation, "a total of five water governance" action to make the city's environment has been improved to some extent, but environmental issues need the efforts of the whole society, especially the majority of business owners, who should take more responsibility and burden.

Fang Guohong is a very responsible business owner. Last year, Yueli firm in the town of town industrial park factory production. Factory to build the beginning, he firstly thought the exhaust gas collection issues paint shop, invested over 3 million yuan to introduce advanced environmental protection facilities. Last year, Fang Guohong was full of enthusiasm on Zhou Xiang environmental governance. the town party committee issued a "five water cohabitation" after the fund-raising proposal, "YUELI" donated about 2 million yuan.

As a National People's Congress, do all this is not enough. Fang Guohong said that deputies not only busy during the two sessions, after closing all the days are busy. He often went to visit grassroots research, look at the river water quality, listen to the masses, the people recorded voice of the people. That he was pleased that, through the joint efforts of the whole city, this year, the city does a lot of the north and the river water quality is clear a lot.

"Two sessions" approaching, Fang Guohong eyes still did not leave. "Environment." His "importance salted wastewater treatment, increased supervision support" has been "released." This proposal, he detailed analysis of industry status zhouxiang pickled vegetables wastewater treatment and environmental problems, and from the technological benefits, environmental regulation, control the size and other aspects of the rationalization proposals. - Reporters IN TRADITIONAL correspondent to Mei Ling