The world's largest hairdressing appliances manufacturing plant


Product innovation detonated contrarian high growth


Global small appliances major reshuffle of traditional industries, breeds in the world of high-end brand new high-growth markets contrarian views. In recent years, smart sensors hair dryer 江月立 Zhejiang Electric Co., Ltd. developed, intelligent voltage identification dryer, automatic curlers, steam class hair care products, and other international leading domestic counterparts products by Cornell, Remington, Europe Philips , SEB, Bosch, Japan and other high-end brand customers TESCOM highly sought after.

"These products are designed by our own research and development is completed, dated legislation become a global brand of high-end 'design center', in control of the development of core competencies hairdressing industry." General Manager Fang Guohong confidently said, "the more the economic crisis, the global high-end brands more popular, as long as there is a good product, there is the market position; we, as an international top brand OEM business, with only technology-leading products, have the right to speak the industry, in order to grasp the initiative in the market. " six or seven years, the average annual business growth of more than 20% higher, sales this year are expected to grow by more than 25%, which accounted for around seventy percent of high-end brands, value-added growth doubled.

May Li Electric adjustment of product structure developed from 2009 onwards, the number of severely to heavy, from low-end to high-end and gradually upgrade. While adjusting its strategic positioning is: cooperation global high-end brands, supporting high-end products, leading products to attract, select, serve these international top brand.

And enterprise development strategies to match, along with product upgrades, product innovation and more important. For this purpose the establishment of a provincial legislature month industrial design center, the annual sales income into account for 4% of the design and development of new products and technologies used. The company set design, manufacturing, testing in one, already has the industry's top national experimental test center.

May Li Electric adhere to independent design-oriented, cooperative design, supplemented, independent design and development of new products, new materials, new technologies, new processes based; also actively working with other design companies to cooperate in order to shape the design-oriented, domestic famous around design, product logistics Bank and other industry-renowned industrial design firm, Italy, France, the world's leading design companies, fashion elements into the domestic and international level; continue to achieve product innovation, original exterior design based epitaxial, Transition to innovative features, performance and consumer experience-based connotation type, a unique product advantages and enhance market influence, competitiveness, enhance the international image of the company.

Design and development of industry-leading, 60-70 May Li Electric patents produced every year, which consists of three four patents with high technological content, and at the same time apply for North America, the European Union and other international patents. May stand as a full national electricity Standardization Technical Committee beauty and other appliances sub-technical committee, participated and formulated the "Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - skin and hair care appliances," "Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Shaving clippers "" Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - optical radiation skin appliances "and other industry standards.

With new ideas, new management, new design to create new products. Put into operation in March last year, the industrial park is located north Zhouxiang month Lixin plant - high-end intelligent small home appliances base, all of the world's high-end brand products manufacturing, production efficiency and production quality improved significantly, interpretation of the "production site automation, R & D direction intelligent, advanced design concepts "of the quality and efficiency of product innovation. May stand this year is expected to exceed 900 million yuan in sales, is moving in an annual turnover of 1.5 billion yuan three years, the goal of steady progress, create brilliant stand belonging month.

With a good foundation, a leading designer of innovative products laid, continue to stand in the May round its own brand dream, 2016 will open the domestic market-oriented independent brands breakthrough battle to achieve the domestic export of dual strategy.