The world's largest hairdressing appliances manufacturing plant


Product innovation detonated contrarian high growth


Recently, Zhejiang Jiangyue Li Electric Co. adds 15 new automatic assembly lines to replace mechanical processing equipment operators. With monthly Li Electric mold, spraying, injection molding workshop continued to complete transformation into production, production employees will be reduced by about 30 percent overall.

. "In automation equipment enhance product quality, increase productivity, but Li Electric month implementation of technological innovation, industrial upgrading part of the development strategy of" Moon Fang Guohong Li Electric general manager of enterprise development strategies, referring to when said with deep feeling: "With with an annual output of 1 million sets of intelligent hairdryer transformation projects, to carry out an annual output of 1 million sets of electronic temperature control rapid heating curlers technological transformation projects, the monthly standing appliances through continuous technological innovation and upgrading and development, the production of hairdressing apparatus It has been gradually transition to intelligent product development, product, equipment upgrade both. "

Considering the importance of full automation of the production of enterprises to enter the smart hairdressing apparatus industry, monthly Li Electric plant construction in the new mold, injection molding, painting, assembling four workshops, while the introduction of plastic injection molding machines, automatic dual-spray double roasted spraying line, assembly lines, conveyor type automatic blasting machine, high light trace mold temperature, frequency induction welding machine and other advanced automation equipment, continuing to enhance the degree of business automation, and through multifaceted, multi-level transformation, a comprehensive upgrade cooperation of customers and production of products, so as to enhance the survival and development of space, to maintain the vitality of enterprises to compete in the international market.

As early as 2006, dated Li Electric took the lead in the area of ​​injection molding machine automation transformation. 2013, and heavy investments increased more than 100 robotic operations using the injection molding machine, production efficiency is further improved. May 2014, May Li Electric Automation mold workshop put into use. Currently, the high of this new automated plant to produce multiple sets of precision molds not only good quality, mold manufacturing cycle has been shortened by two thirds.

Spraying workshop and die shop is put into use, and in this automated plant, the company invested 15 million yuan to introduce three double jet double grilled automatic spraying line, starting from the workpiece, by dusting, spraying, drying curing, cooling until the next member take pipeline operations, forming a complete integrated system, so that by means of automated equipment to produce quality products, its consistency, stability is much higher than manual spraying, the production staff of 100 people from the original reduced to the current 30.

With rising levels of automated production of parts, common standards of raw materials have higher requirements. In recent years, the monthly stand constantly on the internal structure of the electrical parts of hairdressing apparatus used to adjust, try to make parts of the specification in line, strengthen the various parts in the system, product versatility, convenient automatic equipment. At the same time, further efforts to increase the information technology, continuing to enhance the technological transformation of enterprises competitive advantage.

"Automation, standardization, information technology transformation for the month march intelligent Li Electric hairdressing apparatus to provide a guarantee." Fang Guohong said. In recent years, Li Electric month in pursuit of high value-added products and high-end market as the goal, through the adjustment of product structure, the development of a variety of high-quality, multi-functional intelligent salon equipment products, improve product quality, and the like to enter the European Day the high-end market, to achieve the high-end enterprise market across the development goals. 2014, month stand intelligent hairdressing apparatus electrical production has reached more than 100 million units, accounting for international market intelligence salon equipment products 20% market share.